ZOOM Online Classes

Follow these easy steps to setup zoom on any device for access to ALL of our live online classes.



  • Macbook OR Windows Laptop/Desktop:


  • Android Device (android phone/tablet)



  • Apple Device (iphone/ipad)



  1. If you are not already a member email sarah@upsidedownarts for access to Upside Down Arts Private Facebook Group

  2. 10 Minutes before class starts a link to join the ZOOM meeting will be posted on Upside Down Arts Private Facebook Group. Follow the link for instructions.

  3. Join in the class!


The ZOOM meeting will be setup as a group Video and Audio communication system, the Teacher and any other students will be able to see/hear you. There will be also be a small chat box where you can say hello to your fellow students before class, check in on how everyone is doing, and maybe chat a bit after class to keep our community and motivation alive.